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I love this work it has a legato effect that really draws in my eye. I love how the asorrtment of sharp and decoratice lines blend into the background and extentuate the skull. Anyway what kind of animal is it? Im curious to knowing what it is. Or also what the symbolic mean to it? Death perhaps Lol? I love how it has an old fasion black and white photo apearance to it. It gives it a classical and embelished look that really suits the style of this peice of at. I wonder what emotional attahment did u have with this peice?
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SOULARMY Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
This skull comes from a Marsican Brown Bear(ursus arctos marsicanus) ! :P
it portrays death! indeed, but also many things of negative energies, lies, hate, pain, heart-ache, loss, emptiness, manipulativeness, uncaring.. the list can go on. It also connotes Earth and us humans actions, that go on to this day, the increase in poverty, disease, war, natural disasters, food& fuel decrease as well as species extinction across the globe. I really care about this planet, and ofcourse it's people. I want to express that I was aware of these things, and I sincerely, with all my love want to help make this world a better place.

My emotional feelings/intentions coincided & felt slightly frustrated, which added to my tendency to add more detail,(yes when i'm angry I go berserk with intricate details) additionally felt careful, with soft intent, the smokes appear seemingly free and roam perfectly around the contours of the skulls beautiful structure and shape. My actions became one in the same, adding detail, but still being careful, it was genius, because I rarely made a mistake. My brain habits was to "do perfectly until never done wrong", it worked. I was glad with what I had done upto.

Thank you, again for the feedback :)
I honestly and genuinely take everything in consideration. It means everything.
ox0Mickah0xo Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You are verry welcome, in fact your work of art gave me inspiration and other ideas for some future projects im going to start doing, thank you for the meanings and defenitions for the art :) It will help in the future :3
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